When I first met Trish I felt like an angel had been sent to me! Trish has helped me deal with my fear and get on with my life. I feel and am a new person. I highly recommend Clinical Hypnotherapy and cannot thank Trish enough for giving me my life back.

Hypnotherapy has changed my life. Does it work – you bet it does!!

Trish has a way of making you think and after my first session that’s exactly what I did but in a different way. It’s hard to explain but my life hasn’t been the same since that day thank God. I would never have done it without your help Trish. Thank you so much

From the moment I met Trish my life changed. Now I am living my life my way. Can’t thank you enough Trish.
KT - Auckland

I would like to thank you for my new approach to life. I can cope much better now and have fun. You have removed my negatives and replaced them with positives. Thank you once again Trish.
R Turteko - Whangarei

My doctor recommended I see Trish Miru. I must admit I was really sceptical. It took me six months before I finally made an appointment. It is now two years later and I feel great.
I Smith - Whangarei

I wouldn’t be where I am now it it weren’t for Trish’s knowledge and understanding.
T Miller - Whangarei

Thanks for all your hard work on me. You truly changed my life.
L Young - Whangarei