How does it feel?

How does it feel when you stop feeling overwhelmed and your stress levels are under control? How does it feel when your weight is under control and you feel motivated and good about yourself? How does it feel to be able to be confident and comfortable speaking to a group or just being with a group of people? How does it feel to let go of a fear or phobia?

This is a whole new feeling, amazing! My panic attacks are a thing of the past.  I am free to “Be”. Thanks Trish.


Panic Attacks

Thank you for getting me past the past.  You have my deepest thanks.  Without you I don’t know what I would have done.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

When I first visited Trish I was very nervous as I was suffering from Anxiety and Panic Attacks. With each visit with Trish I just got better and better.  I am in control of my life again!


Panic Attacks

Just wanted to thank you.  Without your help I know I would have lost my marbles.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Being overweight was a way of life for me since I can remember.  Not anymore – I just love the new and improved me.  I’ve lost 20kg, I really feel good about myself and I look great. Thanks so much.


Weight Control

Thank you for helping me take back control of the whole of my life.  So far I have said goodbye to 15kg and a whole lot of my fat clothes.  I just feel great! Thank you Trish.


Weight Control

I believe that going to hypnotherapy with Trish helped me to understand the paranoia symptoms and vicious circle that can occur from panic attacks thereby helping me to alleviate my attacks.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help people function normally after feeling their lives are out of control and not worth living.


Panic Attacks

Thank you so much for what you do and especially the way you do it. As well as having such skill and experience you put so much into it.


Self Esteem

After my first session I began to feel like a new person. My self esteem and self worth couldn’t have been lower. Now finally after all these years I can get on with my life. I feel like an angel has been sent to me.


Self Esteem

Words cannot begin to describe the joy and new lease of life that you have unlocked from within me.  Thank you so much for all your time, patience, love and encouragement.  You are an awesome person.


Self Esteem

No more self loathing, no more self pity, no more self sabotage.  I just love my new and improved me.  I would never have done this without your help Trish.


Weight Control

Life is so good!! Thanks for being a miracle worker


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The real breakthrough came when Trish helped me to repair the world inside me. My fears and worries are gone! I feel light, relaxed and joyful. What a wonderfully different life. Thank you Trish



I went to Trish  to get help for dealing with my stress levels.  From our first meeting things began to change and improve.  In a very short time everything had turned around for me and I have not looked back.



After the first consultation I knew, here was the first person who understood what I felt.  I can’t begin to tell you how free I feel and confident.  My friends tell me I look 10 years younger.  It is so wonderful to have a clear head.



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