Trish Miru C.M.H., C.Ht. C.Ha

Trish had been interested in the power of the mind since she was a teenager and first experienced the power of hypnosis in 1970 for painless childbirth.

In 1990 Trish was certified as a Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist and was presented with a Valedictorian Award in each area of Schooling.

Trish was trained in Canada, Great Britain and the USA and has been practicing in New Zealand since November 2001.

However it's how Trish's clients speak of her that makes all the difference when selecting a Clinical Hypnotherapist ...

"When I first met Trish I felt like an angel had been sent to me! Trish has helped me deal with my fear and get on with my life. I feel and am a new person. I highly recommend Clinical Hypnotherapy and cannot thank Trish enough for giving me my life back."

Trish can assist with: -


  • Weight loss
  • Sports enhancement
  • General hypnosis
  • Emotional problems
  • Dental anxiety and more