Clinical Hypnotherapy is a positive, life changing experience

Clinical Hypnotherapy is not only used for smoking and weight loss but for a diversity of difficulties faced by everyone. Could Clinical Hypnotherapy help you? The only way to answer that question is to pick up the phone. Know that when you take the first step you are no longer alone.

About Me

I provide clinical hypnotherapy to help eliminate negative habits, stress and anxiety, enhances learning, resolve phobias, improve your emotional wellbeing and so much more.

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My sessions give you the ability to harness the power of the incredibly intelligent and powerful subconscious so that it can make lasting changes to bad habits or limiting beliefs.

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Every client I deal with has different needs, no two people have the same issues, so it’s important that I talk with you directly before making an appointment.

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Are you ready for a happier you?

Are you struggling with something that stops you from being who you really want to be? I can help you open the doors and reach your true potential.

Give me a call on 09 430 2618


Give me a call on
09 430 2618


41 Ewing Rd, Whangarei
New Zealand


Monday to Friday  – 9am to 4pm
Saturday morning – by arrangement